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“…working together with one mind and purpose.”
Philippians 2:2

Every Christmas season, hundreds of thousands of children open up gift-filled shoeboxes through Operation Christmas Child, the annual project of Samaritan’s Purse.

By 2020 our goal is to put Christmas shoeboxes from Australia and New Zealand in the hands of over half a million children across South East Asia and the Pacific Islands – every year! To have this kind of impact strong teams of volunteers are vital.

Will you CONNECT with Samaritan’s Purse to help make Christmas brighter for more boys and girls?

Right now we are building domestic CONNECT teams throughout Australia and New Zealand who are working to grow the number of children and families who are impacted – on both ends – by Operation Christmas Child.

The work starts before the gift-filled shoeboxes leave the hands of the individuals who generously pack them and finishes the moment it leaves our shores. Our prayers follow the boxes as they are unpacked and hand delivered by our indigenous partners to children in need.

It takes the passion and dedication of thousands of volunteers, working together year-round, to make Operation Christmas Child possible. The roles are diverse but these volunteers are united by one common goal—to share a message of hope, joy and God’s unconditional love with children in desperate situations.

Operation Christmas Child provides a fulfilling opportunity for volunteers to serve God using their unique gifts. Each volunteer is a member of a team that works to implement prayer, leadership, promotions and logistics in their local area. To ensure a good fit, each volunteer is guided through a selection process.

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Leadership Team:
Lead the members of your local team as they fulfil the roles outlined below. Develop vision and strategies together with your team and hold team members accountable.

Prayer Team:
Uphold all aspects of the project with prayer. Engage your local team in prayer by circulating praise and prayer items and
organising prayer initiatives.

Church & Community Relations Team:
Mobilise local churches, schools, communities and businesses to engage their congregations, partners and communities in this hands-on mission project. Work with all the groups to increase awareness through local events and conferences.

Develop new contacts, network with church and community leaders and provide regular support and encouragement throughout the year.

Regional Logistics Team:
Arrange for the collection of gift-filled shoeboxes in your team’s area and steward them on the first leg of their journey. Welcome people as they bring in the boxes. Count and track the shoeboxes and arrange for their transportation.

Warehouse Processing Team
The Warehouse Processing Team prepares the shoeboxes for shipping from our metropolitan warehouses during the peak season in October-December.

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